AC Condenser Coil Repair in Spring Hill, TN

AC Condenser Coil Repair

A customer called us and said that their downstairs air conditioner was no longer cooling their home. Upon arrival, we inspected the downstairs unit, which was a Goodman package unit.

After performing our standard diagnostic system check, we discovered that the AC condenser coil had a leak. Our diagnosis was confirmed by both low refrigerant pressures as well as visible signs of oil from the coil failure. We discovered multiple leaks using soap bubbles.


Pictured is the failed AC condenser coil before it was removed and replaced.

We had to order this exact OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) condenser coil from our distributor in Spring Hill, TN. Luckily, they were able to get it to us in just a few days.

On the day of the repair we safely turned off the power to the system and fully recovered any remaining freon in the system. Then, we removed the failed coil from the unit.


Pictured is the new, OEM AC Condenser Coil

Once the new coil was put into place, we welded it in, along with a new filter drier. Then, we re-assembled the package unit. Next, we performed a pressure test and evacuated the system.

Finally, we recharged to proper specifications. Before heading out, we confirmed with the customer that they had cool air blowing downstairs again.

We are grateful to this customer for trusting us with their AC repair. If you have any heating or air conditioning needs in Spring Hill, TN or surrounding cities, we are happy to help. Call Us Today!

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